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League Overview
San Jose East Valley Girls Softball is under the direction of volunteer adults, who have been elected by league parents to the Board of Directors. Over the years, the league has built a reputation for integrity, honesty, leadership and the development of physical skills. In this league, every girl plays in every game.
We Need Your Help
The league program is based on family participation. Parents as well as other adults are needed as managers, coaches, chaperones, umpires, sponsors and league committee members.  Parents are also expected to assist in team activities, league fund raisers, field work days, and participation in league operations, such as concession duties.  League rules require all team managing staffs to include one female member and no team meeting, practice, or game may take place unless an adult female is present. Moms are really needed to volunteer!
Non-Profit Organization
This is a volunteer league and our only sources of funds are from the league fund raisers, sponsor contributions and registration fees. Funds are necessary for equipment, uniforms, field maintenance, insurance, user fees, umpires and league operations. Team members are provided uniforms, but are required to provide their own glove, non-metal cleats or tennis shoes and sliding pants.
Player Information
Team practice begins in February. League games start in March and end in late May.  If interested, and if selected, players can continue playing during the summer or fall with the Twister Fastpitch competitive travel program.  East Valley Softball welcomes all players. Financial assistance is available upon demonstration of need and signing a contract for support.
We take pride in providing one of the most well-rounded sports programs in the San Jose Bay Area..........Come Join Us!

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