Help support the 2018 San Jose East Valley Girls Softball League by Sponsoring a player, team or the league.
Let's all do our part to give back to our community and help impact our youth of tomorrow, SPONSOR NOW....
Platinum Sponsors $1000 or more:

2014 Delgado Construction Inc. - Armando Delgado (408) 280-0200
Email: info@delgadoconstructioninc.com   Web: http://www.http://delgadoconstructioninc.com
        Real Estate & Loan Professors Inc. - Armando Delgado (408) 998-8200
        Email: info@realestateprofessors.com   Web: http://www.realestateprofessors.com
      *  Complete construction of Dugout Roofs, Fencing, Electical, Grandstand Seating. 
      *  Remodel Snack Shack 
2013 Dupont Fabros Technology -  Director of Operations Ted Hellewell thellewell@dft.com
  • Repair of the field lighting that was damaged during a theft of copper
  • Electrical wire theft prevention concrete project
  • Powered up field 2 and field 3 sprinkler system.
2013 San Jose Batting Cages - Mike Mak mikem@sjbattingcages.com
  • 474 Piercy Road, San Jose, CA 95138
  • Tons of free batting cage time
2012 Ozie Electric - Jesse Rey and Lourdes Rey replaced all the stolen copper wire at the beginning of the season and got our lights running again.  
  • Special thanks to Ozie Electric  
  • Located at 667 North First Street, San Jose, CA 408-691-9690
  • jesse@ozieelectric.com
Gold Sponsors $500 or more: 
  • Council Member Rose Herreras Office
  • Kelly Moore Paint - Luis Collazo Alum Rock Branch
  • Zaavy - Personalized Products Fast and Easy - Banners and more ....Vicki Vinson vvinson@zaavy.com | T: 408.688.9740 | 6280 San Ignacio Avenue, Suite M  San Jose, CA 95119
Bronze Sponsors:
  • Bay Breakers -New, Used and Obsolete Circuit Breakers 1-800-699-2980
  • Dupont Fabros Technology -  Director of Operations Ted Hellewell thellewell@dft.com
  • Elite Communication Solutions - Telephone Systems, Data Cabling, Email Solutions, I.T. and Network Solutions and Managed Services
  • Google - Thanks to Steven Hernandez for having Google sponsor the email solution and Google Apps to our league.
  • Home Depot
  • Mountain Mike's Pizza
  • Nothing Bundt Cakes - Aborn Road
  • Olive Garden
  • Red Lobster
  • Santa Clara University Softball Team - Free game for a team and additional items
  • State Farm Insurance - Rachel Bhahn - 1625 North Capitol Avenue San Jose, CA 95132-2106 - Phone: (408) 272-2629
  • Tires Unlimited - 3744 Stevens Creek San Jose, CA 95117
  • Winchester Auto - Aborn Road


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