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Volunteer at East Valley Girls Softball League

All San Jose East Valley Softball Coaches and Board Members are required to get live scanned by 2-13-2016
  • Live Scans are required by all volunteers, coaches and board members
  • Recommended to be scheduled online with the Sheriff's Department.
  • Sample Live Scan Appointment Form instructions 
  • Take cash with you to your appointment
  • Take 3 copies of your completed Request For Live Scan Form with you to the Sheriff's Department
  • Take official Drivers License or ID with you to your appointment
  • Return copy of certified Live Scan form to president
Live Scan Form required fields:
ORI Code: Z0001
Type of Application: Volunteer
Job Title: Board Member, Coach, Chaperone, etc.
Agency: PAL 
Agency Mail Code: 06158 
Agency Address: 680 South 34th Street, San Jose, CA 95116-2908 
Agency Contact: Officer Lamont Cusseaux, 408-272-9725 
OCA Number: East Valley Softball 
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